Pictures of the graduation ceremony of 9 girls who learned tailoring and 15 girls who learned the art of henna and makeup.

The VOSOMWO minority women organization together with 9 girls who have completed the sewing skills and 15 girls who have completed Henna and make-up gave 9 tailors and 15 make-up tools with the aim of making these girls work. through their families.


The girls who were gifted with embroidery and the tools to apply henna and makeup left the VOSOMWO training center for women’s skills in Dami, the voice of women in culturally disabled areas VOSOMWO is always on the alert for the development of girls from the communities it serves.


Finally, congratulations and compliments were given to the students who completed the various skills, ladies and gentlemen, who attended a meeting led by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Sheikh Mahdi Osman Buuri, and the secretary of the region, M/Jeix Attorney General Mah’ed-Deeq Ugas-Taslih. Another Shukri who was the President of Somaliland NGO Consortium and Mr. Hasan who is the Program Officer of Save Children.

Thank God..