Training report on Human rights, Sexual Gender based violence (SGBV), and Referral pathway for the IDPs Community Protection Groups.

VOSOMWO in collaboration with SIHA NETWORK organized a training for the IDP community protection committee in Hargeisa. The training was attended by the heads of the SIHA NETWORK, Somaliland office, as well as some of the traditional leaders and the community committee of the displaced people who were invited to this training. The training event was officially opened by the chairperson of VOSOMWO, Mrs. Hibak Ahmed Hassan, who said many interesting statements about the purpose of this training which is to be continued for a time.

On the other hand, some of the people who participated in the event spoke and welcomed this event and stated that they had a great need for this event because they are among the people who are the victims of human rights abuses.

In general, Sultan Nasir Sultan Abdi Ismail, who spoke at the training ceremony and welcomed it very much stated that the VOSOMWO organization was working for the rights of Minorities